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American Businesswomen’s Day

I recently found out that each year on September 22nd, in America, we recognize American Business Women’s Day. This day honors the accomplishments of the

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Juneteenth 2020

What is Juneteenth and why should we celebrate it? It commemorates the day when slavery officially ended in the US: June 19, 1865. President Abraham

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Rethinking Your Future

Over the past few days, I have observed several sources indicating that we are in a period of significant change. Encouraging us to recognize that

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Wireless Network Security

Having a wireless network, whether at home or in your small business, is quite a convenient thing to have. It allows anyone or any device

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PC Peripherals Installations

A PC by itself many times cannot be fully functional. It will need accessories or what are called peripherals. Some common peripherals might include things

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Data Erasure & Disposal

Here is a fairly common scenario: Your home computer or small business computer is now obsolete and you have upgraded to a newer computer. You

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Meet Your Consultants

Wondering if Channer Consulting is the right place for you to get your IT & Marketing Services? Well, how about you get to know us

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