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Episode 65: Simple Content Repurposing for Small businesses

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This month I am sharing about Content Repurposing and just how much time, energy, and money this simple marketing strategy can save you and your business. Last week we touched on where to start with repurposing content, which was identifying your audience and your purpose of sharing the content you share. This week we are jumping into ways that you can repurpose your content.

I repurpose my content at my small business, Channer Consulting, where I provide content marketing support to clients on a subscription-based service. Here is a rundown of my weekly content repurposing. Each week I:

  1. Publish a new podcast episode
  2. Content is loaded to my YouTube Channel as a visual podcast episode.
  3. A mini blog post with the highlights of each episode.
  4. Shared on LinkedIn via the Articles feature
  5. My weekly newsletter, where I highlight my latest Podcast episode and share the blog post where they can also listen to the full podcast episode.

I have a total of five different ways my weekly content is posted, shared and distributed. Giving me more coverage and my audience more ways they can find and consume my content.

1. What is content repurposing?

Content Repurposing is the process of taking existing content and converting it into different formats to reach new audiences.

2. Why should you consider repurposing your content?

As a small business owner, content repurposing can effectively reach new customers and increase your brand recognition.

3. Different ways to repurpose your content

As a small business owner, you can repurpose your content in various ways to maximize its reach and drive more traffic to your website. For example, you can:

  • Turn blog posts into videos or podcasts;
  • Turn older blog posts into an eBook;
  • Create a slide deck from an article;
  • Create an infographic based on research data.
  • You can also share snippets or quotes from blog pieces on social media or email newsletters.

4. Tips for successful content repurposing

As a small business owner, content repurposing is a great way to save time and money. By reusing existing content, you can give it new life by republishing or editing it for different audiences.

Content creation takes a lot of time, so it’s essential to maximize the value of each piece by repurposing it in different ways so that it reaches more audiences and works harder for you.

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