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Tag: Authenticity

Episode 120: About my own Strategy and the EmpowerHer Program

Episode 120: About My Own Strategy and the EmpowerHer Program

In this episode of “Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners,” host Philippa Channer discusses her transition from social media management to creating the “Empower Her” program, which offers marketing strategy and coaching. She shares her initial experience with Channer Consulting, her pivot to a content marketing strategy, and the development of her new program designed to empower female entrepreneurs. Philippa emphasizes the importance of aligning content with organizational goals and the coaching aspect of her services. She concludes with a commitment to continue providing educational content on social media strategies in future episodes.

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Episode 99 Marketing Insights with Nathan Yeung.webp

Episode 99: Marketing Insights with Nathan Yeung

Welcome back to my blog, fellow entrepreneurs! As the host of the Marketing 101 for Small Business Owners podcast, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Yeung, a seasoned marketing strategist with a unique background in finance and operations. Today, I’m excited to share the insights from our enlightening conversation.

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