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Episode 42: Resources to help fuel your long-term content plan

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Hey there, and welcome to the Marketing 101 for small business owners podcast, I am your host Philippa Channer, a content marketing strategist. I am passionate about helping small business owners develop a content strategy that educates their customers and encourages the sales they are looking for.

During the month of August, we spent our time learning about the power of Long-Term content planning and how to use it to set your business up for success. Today we are wrapping up the series by exploring the benefits of using tools to help you develop your long-term content strategy.

Tools you can use to help develop your long-term content strategy.

Many companies are turning to digital tools for their content marketing strategy, and for a good reason. Tools can help you create a more robust and comprehensive strategy, making it easier to keep track of your goals.Today I am presenting you with three tools that I can not live without each month that help me plan out the content I create and share for you. And you can download and/or access these tools for yourself to use absolutely free. 

A Comprehensive Content Planning Tool

A good content planner helps you to track everything from the topic to the hashtags and everything in between. Earlier in this series, I introduced a three-month content planning tool that I use on a regular basis to plan out what I will share month by month for each quarter of the year. This tool can be used to track not just your main piece of content but your supporting social media posts as well. I have found that using this tool has saved me a ton of time and energy each and every month. 

A Solid AI Writer Tool for Inspiration

Sometimes just knowing the content topic isn’t enough to get the creative juices flowing. I recommend incorporating an AI writing tool into your strategy. The best AI writers provide a jump-start to your writing. They can provide advice on style, tone, and content before you start. Additionally, they can edit your writing and even offer suggestions for improvements. These tools are easy to use and cost-effective for any writer who needs a little help on their next project. I don’t necessarily recommend that you use them to write a full article, but more of a boost to get the writing started. 

A Reliable Content Scheduling Tool 

There are many content scheduling tools available, but there is one that stands out among them. Meet CoSchedule, is a powerful tool that helps you schedule your social media posts, manage your blog and email campaigns, and much more. Another tool I recommended earlier in this series is to help get on you the right path for streamlining your long-term content planning strategy.


There are many more tools, but these three have been complete life savers for me and my business. They have saved me time and energy and have given me the freedom to explore different topics and content that I typically would not have considered. Give your marketing strategy the wings it needs to take off and start making the content your audience desperately needs today by downloading your free resources. And if you need an extra boost putting it all together, schedule your free consultation session with me today and let me help you develop the long-term content strategy that you truly need.

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