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Channer Consulting Lends a Helping Hand to Montgomery County Adopt A Road Program

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Sandy Spring, MD | December 17, 2022 – As part of the Montgomery County Adopt A Road Program, Channer Consulting has completed its first roadside cleanup on Chandlee Mill Road in Sandy Spring, MD, collecting over 175 pounds of trash and recyclables. Founder and Lead Marketing Consultant Philippa Channer decided to take action after noticing increasing litter on her morning walk with her dog. With the goal of keeping county roadsides litter-free, Channer Consulting submitted an application to adopt the road in November 2022 and has successfully completed its roadside cleanup.

The Montgomery County’s Adopt A Road (AAR) program encourages residents (individuals, families, organizations, and businesses) to participate in a community activity by keeping county roadsides litter free. The AAR program enlists more than 5,000 volunteers who clean over 480 road segments across Montgomery County. The program’s goal is to have unsightly litter removed from roadsides before it reaches local streams or clogs storm drains that feed into local streams and potentially into the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers and our water supply. Every piece of litter that ends up in our waterways can be problematic to the water quality and disrupt the natural environment.

Official Adopt A Road signs will be posted in just a few weeks, solidifying the partnership between Channer Consulting and Montgomery County to help keep the 1.26-mile stretch of the road clean for its residents and the environment.

If you are interested in participating in the roadside cleans along with the Channer Consulting team, you can sign up now at The Channer Consulting staff provides all supplies and equipment, and lunch is provided to all that are interested.

Channer Consulting, LLC is a marketing agency formed in February 2020 and provides local small business owners with content marketing services using a subscription plan model. They provide content strategy development, content creation, website & social audits, and direct posting services. After a client has a content strategy developed, they are assigned to one of our junior consultants to help execute their strategy monthly.

To learn more about Channer Consulting, please visit their website at or via email at info@channer– Inquiries can also be sent to: P.O. Box 272, Sandy Spring, MD 20860, or call the main phone line at 301-921-5167. 

(photo source: Christopher Channer, co-founder, and previous IT Specialist with Channer Consulting)

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