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About Us

About Us

Meet Your Consultant

Philippa Channer has taken the wisdom and experience gained as a communications manager for 14 years to start her marketing career. She now helps small business owners to gain control of their marketing by developing a solid marketing plan equipped with a complete content marketing strategy. Each customer she works with receives a comprehensive marketing plan based on the vision and goals for the business and a detailed content strategy that gives three months of content centered around their most effective marketing channels.

Channer Consulting, LLC has been in business for four years but Philippa Channer, our top Strategist has over a decade of marketing experience, providing top-notch office solutions to individuals and small businesses in the Montgomery County. Our team of experts consists of experienced professionals who know what it takes to get things done efficiently and on time. Our services range from basic office organization to comprehensive marketing strategies, all tailored to your unique needs.

Channer Consulting, LLC is dedicated to serving small business owners who have limited time, need assistance in creating an effective marketing plan, and need a deeper understanding of marketing trends. We help you to:

The content marketing strategy products we provide include free monthly webinars for our clients & guests, a fast turnaround on assignments, and participation in monthly community projects. Channer Consulting is dedicated to enriching and giving back to our community.

If you are wondering whether Channer Consulting is the right place for you to get your marketing products we invite you to get to know us first. We are happy to welcome you to our team. Use the ‘Schedule Consultation’ buttons below to connect with us and share your Digital Marketing needs.

Everything you need to know so you can confidently choose to allow Channer Consulting to guide the future of your marketing efforts.

Here are some of our most frequent asked questions.

How long does it take to develop a marketing plan?

The process to develop a marketing plan can take anywhere from 5 – 15 business days. This is a collaborative project and will require at least 2 hours of meetings to gather all the necessary data from you and your team. 

How often should we plan on revamping our marketing plan?

A marketing plan is designed to be effective for the duration of the campaigns that are created. This can be anywhere from 3-9 months. Because digital marketing tools and tactics change so quickly, plans longer than that can tend to be outdated and ineffective. 

Do I really need a marketing plan in order to have an effective marketing effort?

Short answer … YES! Absolutely. Anything you spend money, time, and effort on should be done with a clear plan. Having a solid plan in place helps to provide you with confidence and control over what happens with your marketing resources. 

What forms of payment do we accept? How frequently is payment expected?

We accept credit card payments. When we establish a clear plan of action that meets your business needs our proposal comes coupled with the payment plan options and means to set up monthly installments. If for any reason you must pay with a check please let me know so we can discuss our options. 

What kind of access so I have with my marketing consultant once assigned?

Our marketing consultants are available Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm EST. If there are special needs outside of these hours please let your consultant know and they can arrange unique hours of availability for you. 

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